Someone at filed a complaint against me for achievements they didn't believe were mine. Their system decided that I was guilty of cheating in earning achievements and asked me to defend myself.

The game: Kameo

The timeframe: 2005 / 2006

The issue: I received many of my achievements, normally, in 2005 including an achievement for defeating the final boss, Thorn. In 2006 I received a bunch of achievements when I loaded the game up for the first time in almost a year. There was an update downloaded and all of a sudden a bunch of achievements unlocked that I had already earned but hadn't been posted to my account. Because of that timestamp TrueAchievements thinks that I did something wrong and no matter what evidence I provided to the contrary, they have decided that my "points" are invalid.

Well, I say, fuck them.

Here is what Microsoft says for the dates I earned the achievements:

Unlocked 11/28/2005: Kameo can transform into one Elemental Warrior Kameo can transform into two Elemental Warriors Unlocked 12/4/2005: Kameo can transform into six Elemental Warriors Kameo saved Lenya from the Water Temple Unlocked 12/5/2005: Kameo can transform into eight Elemental Warriors Unlocked 12/9/2005: Kameo defeated the Troll King Thorn! Unlocked 10/8/2006: Kameo can transform into three Elemental Warriors Kameo can transform into five Elemental Warriors Kameo can transform into four Elemental Warriors Kameo can transform into seven Elemental Warriors Kameo can transform into nine Elemental Warriors Kameo has command of all the Elemental Warriors! Kameo rescued Halis from the Forest Temple Kameo brought Yeros home from the Snow Temple You've downloaded the winning skins from the Kameo Design-A-Skin competition! Unlocked 10/29/2006: The game has been fully completed!! 'A' ranking on Thorn's Castle 'A' ranking on Snow Temple 'A' ranking on Forgotten Forest 'A' ranking on Thorn's Pass 'A' ranking on Water Temple 'A' ranking on Thorn's Airship


So, If I got 8 Elemental warriors as of December 2005, but didn't get credit for 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10 until October 2006, it stands to reason that I MUST have gotten 3-7 before getting 8. I must have gotten 8 in 2005 and chances are I got all of them around the same time, I just didn't get credit for the achievements.

How about the sixth post here:…

that says: "i think it also fixed the fact that if you got an achievement without being on live it didnt award it toyou.... ie i unlocked deep blue, but didnt get an ahievement... when i updated Kameo it gave the achievement to me."


When I finally proved the thing about getting 8 Warrior elementals in 2005, I MUST have gotten 1-7 in 2005 ALSO even though some of those achievements don't show up until 2006... they still had the audacity to question me about another Kameo achievement that unlocked in 2006. It's obvious there was a problem with me getting credit for my achievements, but they treat their users as if they are guilty until proven innocent. Fuck that. If you're going to call me a liar and a cheat, then you damn well better bring the proof.

I call them elitist snob douchebags based on how they treat people. I told them to delete my account. I wasn't there for bragging rights and I wasn't there to show up. I WAS there from VERY early on in their life because I thought it was a neat idea and I enjoyed looking at how rare some achievements were and how universal others were. It was fun. When they take the fun away, they can shove it all up their ass.

To say I'm angry / hurt or upset would be an understatement. They shouldn't take calling people liars and cheats for granted.